Garage Floor Coating

Installing epoxy in your garage is a popular choice for your home or business. Our garage floor epoxy services include installation, removal, repairs, resealing, etc… We are extremely dedicated to providing top notch garage floor services by using our time proven method and high quality epoxy/polyaspartic materials for every garage floor. 


Finishing touches like garage flooring can make or break the space — and the right one will leave you feeling proud when visitors come over.

Commercial Floor Coating

Right now, your commercial concrete floors are probably in need of repair somewhere in your facility. Normal concrete, even concrete coated with paint-type products just do not have the impact and chemical resistance that most commercial facilities need.


Our floor coatings can make concrete surface more appealing, and more importantly, extend the life of the floor.


Patio Floor Coating

As homeowners, we all know how busy we all get. But please don’t neglect on investing a little attention into a space that welcomes almost everybody. May it be your tiny walkway, porch or patio. They too need attention.


Our solution runs through to the external area creating a seamless transition from inside to outside. Transforming any boring concrete into a space that’s more comfortable underfoot and easy to clean.

Warehouse Floors

Due to its durability and perseverance, our floor coatings are popularly used in many industrial and commercial buildings such as warehouses, factories, food and beverage plants, laboratories, commercial businesses and more. Our flooring solution has a lot of benefits and it is paramount that every client is completely satisfied. 

Interior and exterior epoxy

Interior & Exterior Epoxy is an attractive, long term solution as a hard wearing flooring surface in residential, industrial and commercial applications. This type of flooring is extremely durable and can turn any plain concrete flooring into an attractive, low maintenance surface. We offer a variety of color choices and patterns to meet any style or tastes.

More Services

Garage Epoxy Flake Systems
Decorative metallic epoxy floors
Stained and sealed design floors
Decorative Epoxy countertops
Stamped decorative concrete
Micro topping and concrete overlays

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